Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Still Here

I'm just taking a break from those Heritage videos and waiting until I go to my parents' this weekend to get my Baseball Cards magazines. I've also gotten really behind on my sorting and I know some people (well, Jason from The Writer's Journey) are waiting to hear about my 89 Score. So I'm trying to get to that as well.

Went to the flea market this past weekend and bought three packs of the aforementioned Heritage. Got an Aramis Ramirez auto redemption card. Other than that, nothing great. I'll probably go back on Sunday and hope for some birthday magic to strike, in card form!

I'm gonna quit now before this post gets any more lame.


TheJaw said...

Very cool site with awesome videos. I would take that Aramis card off your hands if you are willing to trade. Either way your in my 5.

Rich said...

Hey. If you have any recent Cleveland Indians stuff to trade (specifically from players on my "Things I Collect List"), I'd certainly do a trade.