Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2008 Topps Heritage Box Break, Part 1

I have always loved the 1959 Topps design ever since I saw it in a really thick book I had as a kid, The Consumer's Guide Baseball Card Collecting Handbook.

It just so happens that 2008 is the first year I've bought more than one pack of current-year baseball cards since 1993. I started with the Topps regular-issue set and when I saw what Heritage was going to look like this year, well...

So, I went down to the local card shop and bought three packs and this set is evertyhing I hoped it would be. I went out and got a whole box at Dave & Adam's Card World (I live literally five minutes away) and documented my box break via photo montage!

I'm not even sure I'm interested in collecting the whole set (it would be nice, but likely financially impossible) so for now i'm just trying to get all my favorite players and be happy with that.

Here's packs 1-3.

2008 Heritage Box Break, packs 1-3 from Rich Borosky on Vimeo.

So overall I'm pretty happy that in the first three packs I pulled two chrome cards, a Jake Westbrook and an Indians team card, and a few of those nifty looking multi-player cards. I am considerably less happy that...


... every single pack in the box only had seven cards.

I'm working on getting Topps to send me what I missed out on.

If you see anything you like in this or any future posts of mine, just let me know. I'm open to trading pretty much anything that doesn't feature a Cleveland Indian or one of my favorite players.


Andy said...

That video is a GREAT way of dispalying the cards...but I couldn't tell which ones were chrome?

Andy said...

oh on the second viewing i think i got it..zimmerman and overbay?

Rich said...

Yep. Zimmerman and Overbay. I was thinking of making it a bit more obvious by superimposing "CHROME" or something for those cards. Thanks for the comments!

Uglee Card said...

Do the pictures on your cards look really pixilated? Mine don't look so hot and I don't get if that's intentional or not.
Maybe I'm missing something here.

Rich said...

Yeah, a few of the cards look pretty hideous. I think it's to make them look as though the photos were actually taken in 1959. You know, twenty-some odd years before many of these guys were born.