Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trade Night Logistics #1

Okay, here's where I start to actually plan this thing out.

For everyone who responded positively to the idea of a mass-meeting/trade night via some internet chat room, (and for those who have not yet responded, there's still time!) I pose this question:

Which night of the week works best for you? Figure on setting aside maybe 2 hours for this event.

Let me know!


Spiff said...

Monday night works best for me. Most other nights are hit and miss.

Eric Stephen said...

What time will the trade night start? I'm on the West Coast, in San Diego. After 5pm Pacific time would work best for me, any day of the week.

NMboxer said...

Any night after 6pm Mountain Time (that's 8pm Eastern) is workable for us if there is a day or two advance notice. Thanks for working on this idea!

capewood said...

Mondays and Thursdays are usually not good for me. I'm in central time. Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday night works for me.

GCA said...

Any night with a day's notice is fine.