Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Has Anyone Seen These Yet?

Last night the bass player in my band gave me a pack of cards for my birthday. It was a pack of 2008 Topps series one baseball, and he said he found it at the dollar store. Sure enough, right there on the wrapper was a big "$1". The pack also conatined seven instead of ten cards.

I've never seen these anywhere.

On the surface, this seems like a decent deal. I mean, most places charge $1.75 minimum for a pack of ten cards; here, you get seven for a dollar.

I had moderate luck with my pack. I pulled a card of my favorite Indian, Casey Blake, and also some other cool cards that escape me right now. I didn't really look over the wrapper, but I'm curious if some of these packs contain inserts or if it's all just base cards. I also didn't get any gold cards, so I don't know.

I guess I really should have researched this article better.

Anyway, has anyone else seen these? A dollar a pack for current-year base Topps? What is this? 1995?


Andy said...

the cards aren't red are they? the 2088 topps opening day packs are $1 i think, but they are all red. dayf cracked one on either cardboard junkie or a pack a day.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not 1995. It's April 1. Good try though.

Rich said...

No, I'm being serious!

I looked at the pack again now that I'm home.

They're not Opening Day, they're regular 2008 Topps cards that appear to be specially packaged for the Dollar General chain of stores.

There's also no mention of inserts or odds on the wrapper, so I'm assuming that all you'll get out of these packs are base cards.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a regional test issue? I don't know. I'm only missing a few cards from 2008, so I won't be buying any, but that is a better deal. $2 for 10 cards or $2 for 14...although no chance for inserts.

capewood said...

I happened to be passing a Dollar General store in town (I live near Houston TX) so I stopped in. Sure enough, there they were. The packs have 7 cards for $1. Regular Topps cards have 10 cards for $1.99. The wrappers are the same except for a little Dollar General logo and, like you said, the back of the wrapper makes no mention of the odds of getting an insert. I bought 10 packs. The cards are exactly the same as Topps Series One.

Rich said...

Did your packs have anything other than standard silver-foiled base cards?

capewood said...

Just the regular cards. No insets, no parallels.

Anonymous said...

I've seen them at my Target and Walmart 7 for $1 that is, and it is regular issue.